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Back Tee/Forward Tee

#1: 343/288 - Par 4
A dog leg to the right, Hole 1 starts on top of a hill and has a soft bend, be sure to play your slice, hitting into #2 fairway is OB!

#2: 290/290 - Par 4
Another dog leg, but to the left, this hole starts to give way to the Old Miss.

#3: 132/74 - Par 3
The first par 3 of the course, Hole 3 looks short, but with the dip in the middle, looks can be deceiving! The Mississippi is on the right, and the cart path, which is a man made hazard, so drops are one club length, but no closer to the hole!

#4: 300/240 - Par 4
This beautiful hole starts tucked back with a sharp dog leg to the right. If you are a long hitter, you can make it over the River birch - and with a chip and a putt, you have a birdie!

#5: 335/280 - Par 4
This straight fairway has a slight incline to the green. Another beautiful hole yet has one of the trickiest greens on the course! Hitting into #7 on the right is OB.

#6: 135/135 - Par 3
This par 3 tee off by the clubhouse. With sand hazards on both sides of the green, the play can be fiddly to play. The Willow tree on the right can slow down your tee shot, but a birdie is accomplishable. TweetTweet!

#7: 320/320 - Par 4
Another nice layout, with a slightly elevated tee box to get that perfect shot, this hole is fun for the longer hitters. Another Willow tree on the right hand side can play problematic for some golfers with the green just to the left.

#8: 323/323 - Par 4
The longest hole on the course has a soft dog leg to the right with some undulation along the way. You can play it safe and stay in the fairway or cut over the tree and rough line and take your luck at a par!

#9: 191/129 - Par 3
The final par 3 hits long and flows along the remainder of the apple orchard. OB is on the left-hand side, but clearly marked!

Total course yardage on Back Tees - Par 33 - 2369 yards - slope and rating: 62.2

Forward Tees: par 33 - 2079 yards - slope and rating: 64.0/102

Ranked for the most difficult by the PGC Handicap system, the following holes are listed from most to least difficult.

5, 8, 1, 7, 9, 2, 4, 3, 6

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